Walk Description

Paris is home to some of the world's best chocolate makers, sellers, and aficionados and each has gained notoriety for their special technique and flavor. This delicious jaunt through Paris's upscale Left Bank neighborhood will entice your food palate and open your eyes to the complicated science involved in the chocolate-making process.

During the course of this 2.5 hour walk, we will not only visit several of these chocolate specialists, but also discuss the process of how this delicious chocolate concoction that melts in your mouth is derived from a simple bean.

Starting in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, we will discuss the rich dessert history associated with Paris and, more importantly, the evolution of the celebrated Parisian treat, the macaron. Stopping at a variety of these sweet confectioner's shops, we will compare and contrast the flavors, products, and the techniques used. From marvelous meringue and tartes to rich pure chocolate, this walk will tantalize every one of your senses.

This walk is lead by one of Context's professional gastronomes, who through personal experience has sought out the best places to indulge. This seminar entails visiting the best chocolate shops in Paris and there will be some samples offered to taste. Our docent will be there to facilitate transactions and individual purchases for guests.

Please note any food allergies or intolerances in the Notes box when booking.

Duration: 2.5 hours
Category: Cuisine
Venues: Various Chocolate and Pastry Shops in Saint-Germain-des-Prés
Additional Costs:
  • Chocolate Walk Tasting Fee - €15.00 (mandatory)

    This per-person fee is for the food you will be sampling during the course of the walk.

  • A_j_barc_08_2_thumb

    Alisa Morov

    Alisa Morov moved to France from L.A. over ten years ago and shifted her career from fashion to food. Her talent for American desserts led her to create her own catering company, Sweet Pea Baking, in 2006. Starting a trend for American baking in Paris, she was quickly recruited by French publishing house Marabout and has written three cookbooks so far. In addition to leading culinary walks she also teaches market based seasonal French cooking classes.

  • Jill_024_thumb

    Jill Colonna

    Originally from Scotland and with a music career behind her, Jill’s life suddenly changed in 1992 when she met her French husband at business school and he whisked her off to Paris. When Jill tasted her first French macaron during her lunch break, it was love at first bite. Quitting her marketing job and wandering into a macaron class at a local pâtisserie one afternoon, Jill then used trial and error to perfect a foolproof technique of her own at home. Now an accomplished macaronivore, Jill has familiarized thousands of foodies worldwide to the pinnacle of French pastry in her bestseller and its eponymous blog, MadAboutMacarons (madaboutmacarons.com). Jill is currently working on two more publications, each with her unique sense of humor and indispensable local knowledge of the French culture. She lives with her French husband and two young daughters just outside Paris in the land of the French Impressionists by the River Seine.

  • Marion_flipo_thumb

    Marion Flipo

    Marion Flipo was virtually born in the kitchen. From a young age she has been passionate about cooking and even wrote her first cookbook as a child. A dream come true, her first "real" cookbook will be published in early 2013. This gastronomic enthusiasm led to creating her own food blog www.marionadecouvert.com (in French) and after obtaining a degree in business she put that knowledge to use working for an organic food company, followed by a stint at Tartes Kluger, a well-known Parisian tart shop. She is now one of the menu designers for Ladurée restaurants. Marion adores sharing French cuisine with visitors on her market tours and cooking classes.

  • Prestonmohr_thumb

    Preston Mohr

    Preston Mohr first arrived in Paris in 2003 to spend a year abroad while earning his BA in art history and French studies from the University of Minnesota. He has worked in many fields, including property management, fashion, and education, however, wine, gastronomy, and the French art de vivre have always been the focal point of his existence in Paris. Preston is an associate member of the Institute of Wines and Spirits (IWS) and has earned the Diploma from the Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET), becoming a sommelier. Preston offers wine tastings, excursions, and other gourmet wanderings using his knowledge gained from extensive travels and studies in France.

  • 10963_173928501506_3596072_n_thumb

    Laurel Sanderson

    Laurel Sanderson comes from a long tradition of Southern bakers. As a Parisian resident for the past 15 years, she has honed her culinary, baking, and tasting skills by combining classical French traditions with delicious home-baked and decorated concoctions almost too beautiful to eat. Laurel perfected her professional skills while at Wedding Cakes Avenue, a Parisian bakery specializing in tiered cakes, before founding and opening the widely renowned Sugarplum Cake Shop where she was able to combine the welcoming ethos of a classic American coffee shop with serving mouth watering cakes. Three years on Laurel wanted to reconnect with her family while remaining connected to the baking and creative world she loves; she is currently working on a new project. Laurel enjoys sharing her in-depth knowledge and passion for food and pastry here in Paris.

  • Stephan_profile_thumb

    Stephan Lublin

    Born in Toledo, Ohio, Stephan attended the legendary Le Cordon Bleu in Paris in 2008 and he graduated with honors in both cuisine and pastry. The following year he furthered his culinary education by studying wine and spirits at both Le Cordon Bleu and the Wine and Spirits Education Trust based in London. Returning to the US for two years, Stephan worked as a sommelier and chef in two restaurants in Ohio. Although Paris is considered a "moveable feast," Stephan decided to enjoy it in the city in which it was meant to be enjoyed, and recently moved back to Paris where he now works as private chef and caterer.

  • Photo_thumb

    Cassandra Choi

    Cassandra moved to Paris in 2010 to pursue a career in the culinary capital of the world. She received her formal training in French cuisine at l'Ecole Ferrandi, France's leading school in the culinary arts, and in French pastry at l'Ecole de Boulangerie et de Patisserie de Paris. She honed her skills working in Michelin-starred kitchens, the famed Astrance and the George V, and most recently as Pastry Chef at Verjus Restaurant. Cassandra spends her time outside of the kitchen discovering new restaurants, revisiting old favorites, and savoring the city's dynamic food scene.