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  • Explore the Louvre with skip-the-line tickets and interactive activities
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Marine was great. Engaging, great information, and very well informed. The kids loved it!
Kotryna was a wonderful guide! She engaged our 7 year old son for 3 hours while providing an excellent overview of history and art from Egypt through the Renaissance. We would certainly tour with her again and strongly recommend to any other family looking for an engaging and educational tour!
Camilla was nice, and perhaps for French or Italian-speaking adults she would have been great. But for English-speaking kids - the entire point of paying for this private family tour - she was not good at all. The tour was incredibly slow. It was as though she was contemplating every step of the way what she would take us to next instead of having at least some edited plan thought through. It was as though she had left it all up to chance. She was not good at engaging the kids (ie she brought passports, but never used them once. And she didn’t think to get a map of the museum so that we could reference our orientation as we went.). My kids often knew more information about some of the pieces she showed, and it was as if we were giving ourselves our own tour. She lingered unnecessarily at pieces, or talked on, redundantly, at others. What could easily have taken one hour took two. In fact twice I became so impatient that I was the one to move us on. And her english was not strong enough for kids. She was grasping for words, which added to the time it took to get a description for each piece she showed, and her word choice required clarification from us. Again, she was sweet. I’m sure a very nice person. But for what we paid, and what we expected... I can say that given our experience with two amazing guides in Italy, I had no reservation about paying for the two tours we booked in Paris. Now I’m holding my breath about the revolutionary tour we booked for Tuesday, and I really feel today’s Louvre tour unnecessarily took from our budget. I’m sorry to be so harsh, but it’s true. We could have done just as good, or better, on our own.

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