About Jessica
Jessica was born in the UK and raised in the city of the Beatles, Liverpool. As a teenager, her father’s love for history and Italy rubbed off on her and after studying Business and Italian in Sheffield she moved to Rome, Italy. Once in Rome she taught English as a foreign language and started to work as a guide, leading music tours for choirs, bands, and orchestras. This was an amazing experience where not only did she share her love of Italy with children and adults of all ages but she also had the pleasure of hearing them sing in some of the most amazing locations in Italy, for example, Saint Mark’s Cathedral, the Basilica of St Francis of Assisi and the Duomo, Florence. In 1999 she moved to France and after 5 years leading tours around Italy, France, and the UK, she was offered the opportunity to become a Guide Manager and so for 13 years she stopped being a guide and instead worked with the guides to give the clients the best experiences possible. It was remembering these early experiences as a guide and also her experience as a Guide Manager that inspired her to go back to university and study to become a professional Tour Guide. After 20 years in France, she recently received her French nationality and is proud to promote her new country’s heritage and share her passion for her second home, Paris.
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