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  • The travel product [Context] created, one that could be replicated in other large cities, rapidly found a following among culturally curious travelers interested in lifelong learning. Last year, Context ran over 20,000 tours. The company’s rapid growth over the past 15 years and expansion to over 60 cities—in every inhabited continent—attests to the success of this approach. Read more on Forbes
  • Most travelers are now traveling independently, rather than traveling in groups, but are missing the intellectual stimulation provided by top-notch group tours. Context fills that void perfectly. Read more on Huffington Post
  • A great guide is worth her weight in gold. Clare from Context Travel had my daughter hanging on every word with her juicy stories about royal life at Kensington. The palace itself is fascinating, but touring it is a different experience with someone who can bring its history to life. Read more on National Geographic
  • The second most useful bit of advice was from a representative of Context Travel, a service that provides scholars as guides. To take a tour with Context Travel is to take a virtual graduate seminar in architecture or art. Her advice was to go deep, to look at something we were familiar with, but to look at it carefully and for a long time. Read more on Newsweek
  • We booked some walks with docents offered by the United States-based Context Travel, which we have used in several European cities for its focused topics, skilled guides and maximum of six tourists per walk. Context [...] allows you to plan visits that aren’t on most highlights schedules. Read more on The New York Times