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Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes, we do. Learn more about Context Travel Gift Certificates here.

Where do you run your walking seminars?

We run walks everyday in more than 30 cities around the world.Peruse the different city pages to select your walking tour.

What is the difference between a private and group walk?

Our private walks are just that: a private seminar with a knowledgeable docent that is tailored to your individual needs and interests, and organized around your schedule. (You tell us your preferred date and time.) They are best suited to parties with children under 13, parties larger than 4, or people who want to customize their walk. Group walks are shared experiences, in which a group of up to six people come together on a pre-scheduled walk. You will find a calendar of these group walks on our website and can add one if needed.

Who leads your walks?

Our docents are scholars and specialists in a variety of fields including art history, archaeology, cuisine, architecture, history, and theology. Many of them hold Ph.D.s or other terminal degrees in their field and teach at the university level.

I've signed up for some walks on your website. What now?

You will receive an email from us within two business days. More than likely this will be a confirmation email directing you to check your online itinerary for information (directions and maps of our walks, meetings points, etc.) about your order. If we are unable to provide a service that you have requested or your request is taking longer to fulfill than planned, we will correspond with you personally about your options.

What happens if I need to cancel my trip?

For most of our services we need at least 48 hours advance notice, at which time we refund 85% of the original purchase price. Some services, like car services have a 72-hour threshold. You will find the specific policy for each service listed along with its description on the website, and in your confirmation. Items cancelled within the 48-hour threshold are considered no-shows and are un-refundable. Read our full cancellation policy here.

Why do you need to know my age and occupation?

In order to personalize our walks and shape them around participants' learning styles, we like to know a little more about you, your background, and your interests. We often need to pre-purchase entrance tickets to some of the sites you will visit. We need to know your age to account for age-related discounts.

How do you secure my payment information?

All credit card information is stored remotely with a level 1 PCI-compliant service provider. All sensitive information is conveyed to that provider through a secure (SSL) connection. We do not share any of our customer information with anyone.

Can I pay for these services when I arrive?

No, in order to sign up for any of our walks we require payment in advance by credit card through our website. You may certainly call our U.S. office to place your order on the phone: +1 800 691 6036

How big are your group walks?

Our group walks are limited to six people, which is why we call them small group walks. The one exception to this are our private walks, which we limit to eight people. We have found that it is very difficult to create the kind of conversational, seminar-like atmosphere that is so key to our activities with more than six people.

Why are your prices in dollars?

We are an American company. Our credit card processor is located in the U.S., and hence all of our transactions are in dollars. We have designed our pricing structure based around the local currency where we're providing our service since the docents who lead our walks are local residents. Our conversion rate is the real-time, interbank rate, which is the rate that banks trade currency and is generally 1.3% higher than the central bank rate set by the EU Central Bank or Bank of England. By converting our prices at this rate we're able to offer a savings off most credit card, currency exchange, and retail bank conversions, which normally entail a 2-3% premium.

Does Context Offset Carbon?

Yes. In cases where our walks include some form of transportation we calculate the carbon produced and offset this through a recognized carbon offset program provided by Sustainable Travel International. We also do this for any concierge services that we provide, including car transfers. For this reason our prices for these things may be a little higher than other tour operators.

What is your procedure if I request a tour that is not confirmed?

A group walk that is not confirmed is considered "tentative." If you sign up for a tentative tour or add a new tour to the calendar that is tentative, you will be asked to supply us with a "notify by" date for when you would like to be notified if no one else signs up for the walk and it's not confirmed to run. At that point we'll supply you with a variety of options, including upgrading to a private or other group walks that might be running at that time. If you opt to cancel, we'll cancel those spaces and you won't be charged.

Do group tours require a minimum in order to confirm?

Yes. Most walks require at least three (3) participants to run. However, there is some variation from walk to walk. As you sign up for a tentative walk we display the minimum number required in order to confirm.

What is your policy on privacy?

Read more about our PCI-compliant privacy statement here.