Mexico City
Private and Semi-Private Guided Tours

Fantastically alive with stunning architecture, striking art, and some of the best food around, CDMX is finally having its moment.
From its days as the center of the Aztec Empire to the sprawling modern metropolis it is today, Mexico City is a maze of history. Dig into the city’s European history with sites like the Metropolitan Cathedral, the shaping of modern Mexico through the murals of Diego Rivera, or the bohemian life of Frida Kahlo—all are integral to understanding the contemporary Mexican identity. Discover the hidden delights of Mexico City with Context's private and semi-private walking tours.

Mexico City Private and Guided Tours

If you’re looking to immerse yourself in the city on a Mexico City private or guided tour, then you need to spend a day with its two most famous artists: Frida and Diego. On our Frida Kahlo Tour, we pay a visit to Frida Kahlo’s home, the studio of Diego Rivera, and the Leon Trotsky Museum, learning the details of their torrid affair, their relationship with politics, and how they shaped the direction of modern Mexican art. Those looking to take a Mexico City private or semi-private guided tour that reflects the exciting changes currently happening in the city, we suggest our Roma and Condesa Tour, which winds its way through CDMX's hippest hoods, trying bites and discovering the development that has taken place here in recent years. From Art Deco architecture to charming green parks and galleries, this is the place to be in Mexico City. Alternatively, those looking for an introduction to the complex array of flavors in Mexican food—or who just want to eat something tasty—our Mexico City Food Tour explores a Mexican market while tasting a delectable array of Mexican delights from tlayocas to tacos, exposing the importance of the market to Mexican life in this feast for the eyes (and stomachs).