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Fuel your wanderlust with unique insights, hidden gems, and exciting new perspectives on a variety of travel destinations. These are not merely lectures but gateways to a realm of inspiration, sparking your imagination and expanding your horizons.


Led by PhD and masters-level experts in art, history, archaeology, and more, our lectures are hosted by many of the very same experts who lead our walking tours, ensuring you receive the most in-depth and enriching information for your upcoming adventure.

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Context lectures are the perfect prerequisite to your upcoming travels, providing you with a fascinating foundation of knowledge and insight, so you can embark on your journey with a deeper appreciation, understanding, and excitement.

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Kyoto, Japan: Top 10 Highlights For Curious Travelers

Embark on a journey to Kyoto, a captivating city with almost 1100 years of historical significance as Japan's capital before Tokyo, where refined art and culture flourished, catering to imperial court nobles, shoguns, and samurais. Within its confines lie 15 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, stunning architecture, exquisite traditional artistry, lush gardens, and a delectable array of local cuisine and sweets. This lecture, led by a local guide, discusses 10 unmissable attractions, providing travelers with pre-trip inspiration to maximize their enchanting experience in this fascinating destination.

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"Interesting and engaging. The information was very helpful as I am going to Normandy this summer and it gives me foundation for all of the knowledge I will learn." - Dean L.

"Outstanding, Insightful Lecture on Cave Artworks. Highly recommend this Context lecture! Fascinating in-depth look at Prehistoric Cave Art, led by the expert Dr. Durand. Come for the up-close photos, stay for the history, the theories on why our ancestors made this art, and how recent discoveries changed everything. Great value! Be an armchair explorer!" - Kristin J.

"Exploring "Outlander" Sites. An intriguing look into significant "Outlander" filming sites was provided by Dr. Montgomery. Having neither read the books nor viewed the series, I am now inspired to do both!" - K.E.

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Wonderful tour … magnificent sights and the guide was great
This was a truly fantastic tour. Molly is so knowledgeable across all areas and has enriched our lives immeasurably. We spent the rest of the day in the gallery absorbing all we’d learned, and applying our new information to other paintings. I can’t thank you enough, Molly, for your generosity in sharing what you know about this Gallery collection, etc.
Five stars are not enough to describe our experience. Our tour was worth far more than five stars.