Private and Semi-Private Guided Tours

Underneath Tokyo's electric lights, buzzing arcades and lively otaku culture is a sprawling labyrinth of a city that honors its past and embraces its future.
Tokyo is a fascinating mix of modern and old Japan. Its shrines, temples, and parks, many in the Asakusa area, lie alongside the city's futuristic skyscrapers and pulsing neighborhoods, joined together by its vast metro system. Tokyo's massive growth began under Emperor Meiji's reign in the 19th century, when Japan emerged as an industrial power on a global scale, and has continued, in varying degrees, ever since. In the 21st century, Tokyo has become an energetic 24-hour city, whose incredible food scene and fascinating otaku (fan) subcultures for manga (comic books) and anime (cartoons) only scratch the surface of what the city has to offer. Explore Tokyo's many sides with Context's private and semi-private guided tours. 

Tokyo Private and Guided Tours

Our group of 20+ guides in Tokyo have put together a diverse array of private and semi-private guided tours. Our most popular tour is our Tokyo Architecture Tour, which not only strikes a path along some of the most notable structures in this architectural wonderland, but also dives deeply into the fundamentals of Japanese aesthetics and design, allowing for a fuller meaning behind some of the choices made in the city's built environment. Clients rave about our day trips from Tokyo, particularly our Kamakura excursion, which takes in a host of shrines, as well as one of Japan's most famous religious monuments: the 13.35-meter-tall Great Buddha of Kamakura. Meanwhile, our Tokyo National Museum Tour looks at Japan's history through the lens of art, helping western audiences better understand works outside of their typical purview.