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Engage in authentic experiences that connect you deeply with the local culture, providing profound insights into the dynamic metropolis.
Connect more deeply with the culture of Tokyo with immersive walking tours – hosted by a diverse team of local historians, architects, and cultural experts. Or delve into the city's rich history with pre-trip online lectures and immersive audio guides, designed to offer new perspectives on both famous landmarks and hidden gems. 

Discover Tokyo like never before with Context

Experience the Context difference with our multifaceted approach to discovering cities: through walking tours, audio guides, and online lectures. Our walking tours, led by local experts, provide an intimate exploration of the city’s streets, unveiling stories and sites often missed. Complementing this, our audio guides offer a rich narrative journey, perfect for independent exploration at your own pace. For a deeper dive, our engaging online lectures bring to life the history, culture, and hidden secrets of each destination, all from the comfort of your home. Together, these elements create a comprehensive and enriching travel experience, unique to Context.

All of our Tokyo travel experiences cater to travelers with a thirst for knowledge. Our expert local guides take you beyond the standard tourist paths, unveiling Tokyo's intriguing history, awe-inspiring landmarks, and bustling neighborhoods with a depth and insight unmatched by ordinary tours. Imagine exploring the Tokyo National Museum's stunning collections with a historian, delving into the intricate world of Japanese aesthetics and design with an architect, or embarking on a day trip to witness the majestic Great Buddha of Kamakura. Each tour offers you more than just a visit to a bucket-list destination; it's an immersive journey into the deeper context of the city's history. 
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Great experience of this special area in Tokyo with Aquiles!
Incredible tour, our guide was amazing! Would happily book again.
Anna took us on an uniquely fabulous tour of contemporary and historical Tokyo architecture. Her insights and knowledge provide an historical perspective on life in this city.