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Half-Day Versailles Day Trip for Kids with Skip-the-Line Tickets

Experience the splendor of the King's Palace, through games and activities
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4 hours
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  • Versailles Gardens
  • Versailles Palace and Gardens
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  • Explore Versailles with hands-on, interactive activities
  • Led by a scholar specially trained to work with children
Tour Description
Just outside Paris, the Palace of Versailles and its surrounding gardens offer a magical world of historical discovery. Covering almost 1,000 acres, the vast grounds include perfectly landscaped jardins à la française, whimsical fountains, colossal statues, and hidden groves, perfect for young royals to play hide-and-go-seek. Our four-hour Versailles Palace Tour for Kids, led by a family-friendly scholar, explores the many wonders of the château and its world-famous gardens, tying both into the story of their grandiose creator, King Louis XIV of France.

NOTE: This tour includes a car service that will pick you up at your accommodation. Please tell us your hotel or apartment address in the 'Additional Details' box while adding the tour to your shopping cart.
  • Versailles Palace
  • Versailles Gardens
  • Car transfer from Paris to Versailles
  • Optional add-on for car transfer back to Paris at the tour's conclusion
  • Skip-the-line entry tickets into Versailles Palace and grounds
    • Please Note: Our team will pre-purchase timed admission tickets on behalf of your party. However, due to enhanced COVID-19 safety precautions at this venue, there will be a mandatory security line which we must wait in together. 
Our adventure begins on the car ride from your accommodations in Paris to the royal estate, during which we will get acquainted with the palace's history. Though we will focus on the estate Louis designed as an adult, by beginning with his childhood we can get a better look at the factors that shaped his future identity as King of France. Louis XIV became King at the very young age of five, in 1638. What's it like to be King before you're ten? Do you have to listen to the adults? 

Together, we'll begin with the palace grounds and learn about the carefully kept fountains, statues, and plants. We'll learn how head landscaper André Le Nôtre designed the gardens to reflect Louis XIV's famous Sun King myth. Then, we'll go into "explorer mode," tracking down the secrets of the gardens and taking in the beauty of Le Nôtre's landscaping. On our journey through the gardens, our guide will introduce interactive games geared toward bringing the history of Versailles to life. 

Finally, we’ll make our way to the interior of the palace, imagining how this immense 2,300 room structure could once have been a small countryside residence. While exploring the eternal halls and sumptuous apartments, we’ll picture life within the château, the fashions, the opulent balls, and the passion for art and music.

As our visit together comes to a close, we will leave with an understanding of the role Versailles played in maintaining the Sun King's persona. Additionally, we will know the stories behind various sculptures and landscaping in his manicured gardens. With our adventure at its end, we'll return to Paris or wander through the rest of the grounds with our family, stories of kings and queens floating through our heads.

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What is included in the cost?
The price of the tour, expert, hotel pick-up, and transfer from Paris to Versailles. We'll also purchase dated and timed reservations on your behalf which offer priority access to the Palace. Your guide will have them on hand.

Where does the tour end?
The tour will end in Versailles. You can return to Paris at your leisure by train or taxi.

Do you reserve headsets for this tour? 
Depending on your group size, we may be required by the venue to order headsets. If you would like to guarantee headsets for your tour regardless of your group size, please email us and we’ll be happy to get them reserved for you.

Is this tour wheelchair accessible?
Please contact us to discuss in more detail your mobility concerns so that we can best advise. 

What are skip-the-line tickets?
For this tour, your tickets are pre-purchased which allows you to directly enter the security line at the palace without waiting to purchase tickets. You may still have to wait in a security line or in a line to have your pre-purchased ticket scanned.   

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Laurent was amazing! So knowledgeable and accommodating! Did well with all 3 kids ! We had a wonderful time!
Our guide was extremely knowledgeable and lovely. So much information. But this tour was not geared for kids. Nothing was catered towards them. No interactive games as you listed, no treasure hunt or something. We were literally shoulder to shoulder with adults walking through the palace. It was very hard to keep them interested and not stepped on. The gardens, however were open and lovely, however, again , no kid activity! How was this different from an adult tour??
Sinse was great with our children, very patient and happy to repeat or reinforce historical events / Greek mythology as needed. He was friendly, courteous and extremely knowledgeable.