About Rémy
Bienvenue ! Born, raised, and educated in Paris, Rémy is a true Parisian. He knows his city and its region, especially Versailles, very well. After having lived in Japan for 3 years as an expatriate, and years of guiding VIP clients in Paris, he understands the expectations of international travelers, and enjoys exceeding them. Before becoming a guide, Rémy studied in a famous business school at an MBA level and spent a few years working in major corporations. He is a fan of French history, and knows thousands of anecdotes about the history and kings of France that he would be happy to share with you. His hobbies are running the Marathon (the Paris one, of course!), playing Lego with his 5-year-old son, and visiting France with my family. He enjoys guiding families, explaining history to children, and answering their questions (which are often the most logical and sincere ones, aren't they?)
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