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Walk Description

While we normally don't advocate trying to see Florence in a day, for clients traveling on a cruise ship this is often the only way to do it. As a result, we recommend a very specific approach, which includes round trip transportation.

Our full day Cruise Ship itinerary begins with a car transfer from the port of Livorno. This is an absolutely mandatory part of the service. It is very difficult to rendez-vous with cruise line buses in the city; and so, we require clients to take our car service into the city in the morning, and back again in the late afternoon, in order to make the day work more smoothly.

Once in Florence, your docent will take over, leading you on a 6-hour itinerary through the city that can include any number of sites, depending on your interests and your style of touring (i.e. whether you prefer to zip from one monument to the next or spend a little more time studying each one). Please use the "Special Requests" box below to give us an idea of what you'd like to cover and in what style. A far more civilized itinerary would involve passing over the tourist-heavy sites, like the Uffizi and the Accademia, in favor of spending some time exploring the churches, palaces, and piazzas in the quieter, more traditional areas of the city.

Duration: 6 hours
Category: Orientation
Additional Costs:
  • Full Day from Cruise Car Service - $761
  • Cornelia_thumb

    Cornelia Danielson

    Cornelia has a PhD in art history from Columbia University and wrote her dissertation on Renaissance city planning. She is especially knowledgeable about Medici patronage. In addition to her research and teaching, Cornelia, a mother of a disabled child, runs an association dedicated to barrier-free travel in Florence and is author of "The Accessible Guide to Florence."

  • Elizabeth_b_thumb

    Elizabeth Butler

    Elizabeth recently received her MA in Florentine Renaissance art from Syracuse University in Florence. Her interests include women's history and women artists, particularly by women in convents. In addition to leading walks, she also lectures at various universities and institutions in Florence.

  • Foto_mia_2012_thumb

    Valerie Niemeyer

    Valerie received her BA with distinction in art history and museology at the University of Florence, focusing on the Renaissance art market. Although German, Valerie was born and raised in Rome, making her eager to build bridges across different cultures. She also works for the educational department of the state museums in Florence, where her mission is to communicate art and culture as a means of understanding the visual signs that surround us.

  • Florence-female_thumb

    Patricia Rucidlo

    Patricia holds an Master's in Italian Renaissance history from Cornell University, and another in Italian Renaissance art history from Syracuse University. Both of her theses were on Florentine topics. She also writes about Florence, Tuscany, and Emilia-Romagna for a popular guide book, has led wine tours in Chianti, and has cooked in several Florentine trattorie. She lives in the Tuscan countryside with her husband and six dogs.

  • Sirochini_thumb

    Siro Chini

    Born and raised under the shade of Brunelleschi’s magnificent dome in Florence, Siro belongs to an important Tuscan family of art nouveau artists. After a diploma in ceramic decoration obtained in 2000, he has worked in a traditional Florentine workshop. He received his BA at the University of Florence and in 2008 published his research about the Richard-Ginori porcelain production that was commissioned by the vice-king of Egypt for the celebrations of the opening of the Suez Canal. In order to share his passion and love for art, culture, and the Florentine lifestyle, Siro is professionally trained as a tour guide for his hometown.

  • Molly_thumb

    Molly McIlwrath

    Molly holds an MA in Italian literature from the University of Wisconsin-Madison where she completed her PhD coursework and exams with a specialization in Renaissance and Early Modern periods. She spent a year in Venice as an undergraduate while at the University of California-Santa Cruz and afterwards worked in Siena for two years for the University of California Education Abroad Program. She later went to graduate school and, after finishing her studies in Madison, found herself back in Venice once again for another year, this time conducting archival research for her doctoral dissertation. She has remained in Italy ever since, has taught courses in Renaissance history in Florence, and is a licensed tour guide of Florence and its province.

  • Florence-female_thumb

    Alessandra Becucci

    Born and raised in Florence, Alessandra has a degree in art history from the University of Florence with a specialization in seventeenth-century painting. She obtained an MRes from the European University Institute in Florence, where she defended her Ph.D in history, focusing on the patronage of Tuscan nobility in Europe during the seventeenth century. In addition, she holds a diploma in archival administration, palaeography, and diplomatics from the State Archive in Florence. She has been teaching art history and Italian for several years in various schools and institutions in Florence.

  • Photo__4__thumb

    Alexandra Lawrence

    After studying Italian literature at graduate level, Alexandra made her permanent home Florence where she teaches journalism, contemporary Italian culture, and travel writing courses at several local universities. A member of the council of advisors for the Advancing Women Artists Foundation, she is particularly interested in women artists and patronage in Florence and Tuscany. In addition, she has written on several of the city’s most important restorations and has enjoyed getting to know many of the experts in the restoration field. She is a licensed professional guide for Florence and its province and is the editor-at-large of the English language newspaper, The Florentine.

  • Maria_thumb

    Maria Paola Maccallini

    Maria Paola Maccallini has worked in many state museums in Florence and is a specialized in the education. Her ambition is to communicate art and culture so that people can understand the visual signs around them. From 1995 to 1998 she was guide at the Museo dell’Opificio delle Pietre Dure (Precious Stones Museum) in Florence and in 1998 received her tour guide license for Florence and Fiesole. Maria Paola graduated from the University of Florence, where she was also a teaching assistant in the English department within the School of Political Science. Her career began as a high school teacher at public school where she developed her passion for education. The experience of writing her book “Il Matrimonio nell'Arte”, (Marriage in Art) and finally seeing it published, gave her even more enthusiasm for her job as a tour guide in the Florentine museums.

  • Foto_chiara_context__1__thumb

    Chiara Mallardi

    Chiara was born and raised in Florence. She has approached art from many angles, first as a university student at the Academy of Fine Arts of Florence where she studied painting and sculpture.
    She also studied history of art, the psychology of art and cultural anthropology at graduate school. Her specialization was on Leonardo da Vinci and the Florentine Renaissance painters; how they interacted with the city, its people and its possible development in all respects.
    These many achievements have showed her how to share this culture and world with other people and to pass on her love for the beauty of Florence and its great stories.