• Photo illustrating of Wines of Italy, Comparative Tasting
  • Photo illustrating of Wines of Italy, Comparative Tasting

From the Enoteca Provinciale a Roma  Photo by Jessica
  • Photo illustrating our Wines of Italy, Comparative Tasting

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Walk Description

Our Wines of Italy: A Comparative Tasting, which complements our basic level tasting, is a more advanced approach to experiencing Italian wine – one that utilizes comparisons between wines as a tool to honing the palate and acquiring a more advanced appreciation of wine. This workshop, led by a trained sommelier and taking place in some of Rome's most traditional enoteche (or wine bars), will guide us through a comprehensive and illuminating tutorial on a pivotal aspect of Italian culture.

The two enoteche visited during the walk are located in the quaint and characteristic neighborhood of Monti, an oasis of small-town life in the big city, which in recent years has become home to a thriving dining scene. Within this context, we will begin our discussion of wine production and its importance in Italian life. Our docent will build on the group's familiarity with wine by going over some basic precepts of production and history before moving on to the comparative tastings.

While no background knowledge is required, these select tastings will involve a more in-depth analysis of wine styles and wine-making methods. While exploring, for example, the difference between a Charmat- and a Classic-method sparkling wine (secondary fermentation in a tank versus in the bottle), a white aged in steel compared with one in oak, or a traditional and a modern style red, we will come away with a greater understanding of the ways that soil, tradition, and the hand of man or woman can make a profound difference to the style of a wine, while at the same time learning about the different regions of Italy and wine and food pairing techniques.

Duration: 3 hours
Category: Cuisine
Additional Costs:
  • Wine and Food, Comparative Tasting - €40.00

    This charge is for food and wine consumed during the course of the wine tasting.

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    Daniela Paris

    Following completion of her law degree at Università degli Studi of Rome, Daniela became a certified sommelier through AIS, one of most important international wine associations. She then went on to continue her studies and earned several wine Master’s degrees in France. In 2006 and 2007 she worked for the commission board of AIS evaluating candidates for sommelier exams. In 2008 she started to work as a writer and wine taster with Edizioni Estemporanee, an Italian wine publisher, and she began to manage Comptoir de France (a fine wine shop specializing in French wine in Rome and Milan). In addition to her work with Context, Daniela is currently teaching the Wines of France at the Saint Louis de France Cultural Institute in Rome, leading wine tastings for a variety of organizations, alongside her work for Edizioni Estemporanee and Comptoir de France.

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    Simona Bracci

    Simona is a native Roman who completed her degree in archaeology at the Sapienza University of Rome. She obtained her PhD in 2005 with a focus on the study of the topography of ancient Mesopotamian towns. She first arrived in Berlin in 2003 while writing her dissertation, and since then has divided her life between Rome and Berlin. Her interests vary between research activities (excavations, international congresses, and scientific publications) and teaching. In her university years she created a cultural association with some colleagues where she led tours in Rome and abroad, gaining a deep knowledge of archaeology in countries such as Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Iran, and Libya. In 2009 she became a Fellow of the Freie Universitaet in Berlin working on a project focused on the landscape in the Jazirah area (northern Syria) and started to collaborate with the German archaeological team working in Tell Fecheriye. She also developed a great interest for wine studies and in 2003 she earned a diploma as Wine Taster at the AIS (Associazione Italiana Sommerlier). Subsequently she organized and led tours with the AIS in Sicily and Piedmont and worked as a wine taster for their wine guidebook.