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Rome Food Tour: Savoring Local Roman Cuisine

Sample some of Rome’s most cherished food traditions
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Tour Details
3 hours
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  • Campo de' Fiori
  • Jewish Ghetto Neighborhood
  • Artisanal Food Shops
Photos & Highlights
  • Rome food tour led by a gastronomic expert
  • Visit traditional shops and sample Italian street food
Tour Description
In this three-hour Rome food tour, accompanied by a food writer, chef, or culinary educator, you will explore some of the city's delicious specialties, with an emphasis on its revered street food culture. Rome shines brightly as one of Europe's top food destinations, with a gastronomic culture that can be traced back to ancient Roman times, and you will look at how this history, and more recent outside influences, make for a unique, stimulating, and diverse eating experience. You will walk through the historic city center of Trastevere on the hunt for the best coffee, chocolate, foccacia, cheese and gelato during the tour.

Your experience will begin near the Jewish Ghetto, where you will learn about this community's rich history and influence on Roman cuisine and may sample some of Rome's legendary fried snacks. Though the tour route will vary depending on the season and our interests, you will hit several local shops that illustrate the rich food culture of Rome. Whether it be coffee, gelato, or biscotti, all of the samplings will teach you more about the tapestry of foodstuffs that are integral to the cultural attitudes and history of the city. Your tour will most certainly include an experience with a coffee (or cappuccino) at a local coffee bar, where you will learn about the history of coffee culture and the fierce rivalries that exist today between different coffee shops.

Of course, you may also have time to taste Roman-style focaccia or enjoy some local cheeses and discuss characteristic varieties. Finally, you will wrap up the tour at a family-run, artisanal gelateria, where the gelato is made by hand using the freshest ingredients sourced from all over Italy. By the end of the tour, you will come away with an appreciation for, and understanding of, the rich culinary tradition that still exists in the center of Rome. Using the lessons learned with your gastronomic expert, you will comfortably be able to navigate Rome's cafes and food shops like a native.


Can I participate in food tours if I have food allergies or other dietary restrictions?
Yes. If you have any specific allergies/intolerances please indicate these in the Notes section when you're booking and your guide will do his or her best to accommodate.
Vegetarian and nut-free diets can certainly be accommodated, although the shops we visit do use wheat flour and nuts in the kitchen for other items. Gluten-free clients may have fewer choices available to them.

It looks like this isn't available in August. Why? 
The small shops we visit on this tour are closed for the better part of August for the annual Italian vacation period. 

Are the tastings included?
Yes, tastings are included in the price. These tastings do not replace a proper meal. If you wish to buy anything to take with you, these purchases will be at your own expense. 

Is this tour mobility-friendly?
Overall, yes. All sites are accessible although the length of the itinerary and terrain might pose difficulties to slow walkers or wheelchair users. Please note, the shops we visit do not have wheelchair-accessible toilets.
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Chiara was amazing, this tour was one of the highlights of our trip.
What a wonderful afternoon! We walked in some incredible places, ate wonderful food and learned a lot! Thanks to Chiara
Gina was an excellent guide and gave us a lovely morning in Rome. The food was excellent, but her storytelling and company was the true highlight. She's on a first name basis with many of the most interesting and well known people in the Roman food world, and she has a remarkable depth of knowledge about the craft, culture, science, history, and business of food. Highly recommend.

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