• Photo illustrating our Wines of Italy Tasting
  • Photo illustrating our Wines of Italy Tasting

Walk Description

Led by a trained sommelier, our Wines of Italy tasting is an in depth tutorial in wine history, technique and appreciation. As an integral part of Italian culture, to understand wine is to understand a part of the Italian soul and millenarian traditions linking people to their land and its gastronomic traditions.

During the course of the walk, we will visit two characteristic enoteche, or wine bars, where locals congregate to imbibe, snack and socialize. The docent will start with an overview of the history of wine making and the basics of production, including the importance of the production calendar, from the grape harvest, the vendemmia, to the autumnal appearance of the year's vino novello, or young wines. The docent will help you navigate the wine lists and explain the characteristics of each region's important varietals and the importance of food pairing. In pairing a selection of wines with appetizers, the group will have the opportunity to explore the local region around Rome or, instead, go farther afield to sample wines from Tuscany, Sicily, or Le Marche. We usually start with whites at the first stop, then reds at the second, with appetizers to keep us going all along.

Although you should come away from the walk knowing the difference between a Chianti and a Fiano, the emphasis is on learning to enjoy Italian wines and observing, through tasting, how they reflect and encapsulate Italian culture itself.

If you have already participated in this tasting session and are interested in exploring wine bars in a different area of Rome, you may be interested in our Wines of Italy: A Comparative Tasting.

Duration: 3 hours
Category: Cuisine
Additional Costs:
  • Wine and Food, Introduction to Italian Wines - $33
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    Gina Tringali

    Gina Tringali is a food historian, coffee connoisseur and cook. She has a Master’s degree in Italian Gastronomic Culture from the Università degli Studi di Roma “Tor Vergata”, an MBA from NYU and is a certified sommelier and member of AIS. She worked for the Craft family of restaurants in NYC in business development and marketing and spent some time in the kitchen before relocating to Rome in 2007.

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    Daniela Paris

    Following completion of her law degree at Università degli Studi of Rome, Daniela became a certified sommelier through AIS, one of most important international wine associations. She then went on to continue her studies and earned several wine Master’s degrees in France. In 2006 and 2007 she worked for the commission board of AIS evaluating candidates for sommelier exams. In 2008 she started to work as a writer and wine taster with Edizioni Estemporanee, an Italian wine publisher, and she began to manage Comptoir de France (a fine wine shop specializing in French wine in Rome and Milan). In addition to her work with Context, Daniela is currently teaching the Wines of France at the Saint Louis de France Cultural Institute in Rome, leading wine tastings for a variety of organizations, alongside her work for Edizioni Estemporanee and Comptoir de France.

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