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Roman Colosseum Audio Guide

Step into the world of scheming emperors, baying fans, and dueling gladiators
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  • Colosseum
  • Colosseum's Arena Floor
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In front of the Christian Cross or Sitting on the Marble Columns
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For nearly 2,000 years, the Colosseum has echoed the footsteps of emperors, gladiators, and plebeians alike. Join Dimo Kosmopoulos, archaeologist and Context Travel expert, in Rome's most iconic arena, which was much more than a place to host games. 

The audio guide tour of the Colosseum starts on the slopes of Esquiline Hill, one of the seven hills of Rome, where you can admire the Colosseum's magnificent architecture from a distance while Dimo tells you about its history. 

As you enter the arena, you'll get the chance to imagine yourself as a member of the senate,  the working class – and even one of the gladiators. You'll find out where each of these groups would enter, while you hear about the business behind the games, from how much gladiators were paid, to how much they cost. You'll also dive into huge business going on behind the spectacles in the Colosseum as well as the several figures working behind the scenes to make them possible. Dimo will wrap up by revealing the cultural dynamics hidden within the events in the Colosseum, such as the importance of Romans feeling part of the community and how these spaces were created to promote power, sociability, politics and the sense of community.

Inside the Colosseum, you'll learn about the political purpose of the events that took place here. Dimo will also tell you about the role of this building in the lives of ancient Romans, who shared modern-day society's fascination with competition and pageantry. He'll unpack the venue’s stunning logistics, with animal fights taking place in the morning and gladiator fights in the afternoon, as you live a day at the games. 

 Along the way, you'll have a chance to:

  • Trace the Colosseum's evolving spectacles over the years, including the flooding of the arena to stage naval wars
  • Be amazed by stories of the Colosseum's lengthy construction and find out what ancient Romans called this grand arena 
  • Discover the structure's multiple layers and the ways in which it was used as an arena for at least 443 years 
  • Find out what happened when Caesar took part in the games and if the fights truly were to the death
  • Learn about the many archaeological discoveries that were made here 
  • Hear about the similarities between ancient and modern-day sports spectators: both consume meat and alcohol during the games, draw graffiti, and pay more for good seats (which, in the Romans' case, were made of marble)
  • Discover Nero's roots in the Colosseum and hear about the private man-made lake he had nearby 
  • See the Gladiators' entrance and learn how the crowd could influence the decision of the Emperor and the judges by screaming their impression of the fight
  • Get a grasp on the strong social hierarchy separated by a fence made of iron from the other social classes 
Although we don't yet know the names of great minds behind this structure, by the end of this audio tour you'll have a sense of why it's an icon of the ancient and the modern world.

The Colosseum has different opening hours based on the time of year. It is open daily from 8:30 AM till 4:30 PM during winter months (October-February) and 8:30 AM till 7:15 PM during high season (April-September) with the last entrance at 6:15 PM. If you are visiting in the summer or October, please check the closing time because it gradually changes according to the length of daylight. It can be very crowded, therefore the best time to visit to avoid crowds is either at 8:30 AM when the park opens or after 3 PM.

Please note: This tour doesn't include entry into the Colosseum and an admission ticket is required to access the site, which you can purchase here. The Colosseum has a timed slow ticket system so if you buy tickets with access at a certain time, please keep in mind that you’re only permitted to enter a maximum of 10 minutes before or after the time shown on your ticket or else you will lose your ticket.
Meet Your Expert

During his university studies at “La Sapienza” in Rome, Dimosthenis participated in several national and international projects, such as the study of Latin epigraphy and Roman pottery as well as various archaeological excavations in different areas of Rome (Roman Forum, Palatine, Mausoleum of Augustus). His work as an archaeologist brought him to carry out research in classical art and architecture, exploring in particular the relationship between iconography and architecture as ancient Greek and Roman artistic expressions. Dimosthenis completed his Ph.D. with a thesis on temple architecture in the Italian peninsula during the Republican period. This topic became his area of expertise. His knowledge of archaeology, ancient art history and Roman architecture is the key that he uses to share his unique perspective on the Eternal City.

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