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Jerusalem in a Day Tour with Church of the Holy Sepulchre

Your comprehensive exploration of Jerusalem's essential Christian, Jewish, and Muslim sites
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7 hours
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  • Temple Mount
  • Church of Holy Sepulchre
  • Arab Shuk
  • Jewish Quarter
  • Christian Quarter
  • Western Wall
  • Cardo
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  • A comprehensive view into interlacing histories and religions of the holy city — includes a visit to the Christian, Jewish, and Muslim sites of Old City
  • Led by an local expert specializing in history or religion
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Tour Description
This full-day tour will provide you an in-depth overview of the historic Old City of Jerusalem. Together with a local expert, you’ll explore the turbulent and complex history of this religious world center with visits to its most important sites. Meant for any traveler wanting to gain a foundational understanding of this fascinating mecca, you will learn both about the layout and culture of this incredible city as well as what it represents as the intersection of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.
  • Jaffa Gate
  • Church of Holy Sepulcher
  • Roman Cardo
  • Western Wall
  • Dome of the Rock (security permitting)
  • Arab Shuk 
Please note: Our route may take a number of different directions depending on the day and the groups’ interests. In particular, on Saturdays or Jewish holidays, there will be closures in the Jewish Quarter and we will be unable to visit the interior of these venues, so your guide will tailor your explorations accordingly.
Your day of historical explorations begins in the Old City at Jaffa Gate, one of the city’s original gates from the Ottoman era, before you begin a deep dive into the incredible historic and holy sites found within. Starting in the Christian Quarter,  you’ll visit the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, one of the most important sites in Christianity, where Jesus was crucified, buried, and resurrected. You will trace the Via Dolorosa, a processional route representing the path upon which Jesus would have carried the cross.

In the Jewish Quarter, you’ll visit the former Roman Cardo, the main street during the Ancient Roman era dating back to the 6th century B.C. You’ll continue to the Western Wall, one of Judaism’s holiest sites before visiting the most sacred Second Jewish Temple behind it. 

Security allowing, you may visit the Dome of the Rock, a beautiful 7th-century Islamic shrine at the Temple Mount. Here your expert guide will reflect on the significance for both Muslims and Jews and delve further into the history of one of the holiest places in the world. Your tour will then continue through the Arab Shuk, a winding market with a distinctly Arabian feel and vibrant buzz.

Your tour will also include a stop for a delicious local lunch (at your own expense), learning from your expert about typical Israeli dishes and delicacies. Depending on your specific interests and preferences, your day may also take you to lesser-known sites in the Jewish, Christian, Muslim or Armenian quarters, adding to your foundational knowledge of the Old City. At the end of this fascinating full-day tour, visiting the most important sites in one of the most historic cities in the world, you will come out with a deeper appreciation and understanding of the city’s interlacing histories, constant reinvention, and modern culture.. 

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Where do we meet? 
You will meet your expert  just outside the main city walls, by Jaffa Gate. Your confirmation email will have the exact meeting point details along with a map.
Can this tour be booked for later? 
It can, although we highly recommend an earlier start to make the most of cooler temperatures.  
Is this a good tour for children and families? 
It’s a walking intensive tour, so we recommend taking a look at our Jerusalem Tour for Kids. However, we can accommodate this tour and make it kid-friendly - let us know in the notes!
What costs will I need to cover on the day?
You are pre-paid for entrance fees. You are expected to cover the cost of your own lunch.
Can I book a car service?
No, as we will be spending our time inside the Old City, which is mainly pedestrian.
Will we visit the Dome of the Rock?
Visiting the Dome of the Rock will depend on the security that day. Sometimes, there are instances that are out of our control which means that no visitors can enter. 
Is this tour possible for reduced mobility?
This tour is quite walking intensive and we are unable to book a car. We recommend clients inform us of their exact mobility issues and we can make a recommendation.
Can we run this tour on Saturday?
Because the atmosphere is much quieter than usual and all the venues in the Jewish Quarter are closed, we do not offer this tour on Saturdays.

Can we visit the western wall tunnels?
This tour doesn't include the Western Wall tunnels.
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I can't speak highly enough about Context tours. Our experience in Jerusalem was so special and informative thanks to Hilik. He was so knowledgeable and explained the history and significance of The Old City to us in such a lively, engrossing way. We had a great time. Thank you Hilik! We also had a great tour of Bethlehem with Kamal. He was so kind and gave us a great tour of the Church of Nativity. He was very engaging and a great story teller of the history. He also took us to see the Banksy art and Banksy Hotel. He was wonderful! Thank you Kamal!
Olga was amazing. She is not only incredibly knowledgeable but also warm, energetic and always smiling. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Also thank you for the frequent emails and alerts to get us ready for the day. It was very helpful. Here’s what you could improve: recognize loyalty a bit better. We have taken context trips for over a decade. Did you know that? If you knew it, then tell me you know me :) somehow acknowledge it. It helps put a smile on your loyal customers face.
Hila knew her history and was able to put Jerusalem into context! She was knowledgeable and really helped us understand the importance of this amazing city. Seven hours flew by. So glad we had this private tour!