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About Alejandro
Alejandro Cañas-Ortiz is an archaeologist born and raised in Mexico City. When he was 8 years old, he became interested in pre-Colombian civilizations, especially after his parents took him to an excursion in Teotihuacan, as well as some different archaeological collections in the country. He has a MA in Mesoamerican Studies from National Autonomous University of Mexico, where he researched the interaction between Teotihuacan and the Maya. He is also versed in Maya hieroglyphs, a passion that began when he was an undergraduate at National School of Anthropology and History. He gained experience as an expert guide while researching prestigious collections, such as The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Templo Mayor Museum, and National Anthropology Museum. Additionally, his research has been published in academic peer-reviewed books. Whether at an archaeological site or in a museum of antiquities, Alejandro looks forward to sharing his devotion and knowledge about pre-Colombian cultures with travelers on Context tours in Mexico City.
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