About Alex
Alejandro Gutiérrez, I'm 36 years old, Licensed tour guide by Tourism Secretariat from San Miguel de Allende, born and raised in this lovely town. With 8 years of experience and an area of expertise in the States of Guanajuato, Queretaro and Michoacan, and Teotihuacan as well, the big pyramids located in the outskirts of México City. Becoming tour guide was not a goal that he had in my mind, it came by accident but as he always say "this is the job that I never knew that I wanted" he loves his town, his country, and the Mexican culture in general, and he loves to show it on his tours. He has a huge understanding on how Colonial towns have evolved into picturesque destinations. 510 hours course on different subjects related to tourism. 30 hours on Diego Rivera Murals. 120 hours on native cultures of our country. I work every year with Holbrook travel to guide their gruops to Monarch Butterfly watch. Bilingual Spanish/English speaker, acredited by the TOEFL exam.
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