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Sites and Insights: An Expert-Led Paris Welcome Tour
About Elli
After obtaining her LLB in Greece, Elli pursued her passion for art in Paris. She quickly fell in love with the city's rich history and artistic heritage. She holds a PhD in Art History, specializing in Renaissance Illuminated Manuscripts. Her extensive knowledge spans various periods and styles, making her a versatile art historian with a deep appreciation for all facets of art. She is particularly fond of bookshops, libraries, cats, and tea. She has a green thumb, and her latest passions are embroidery and sashiko. With over a decade of teaching experience, Elli excels at making art accessible and engaging for audiences of all ages. She takes pride in creating immersive and educational experiences tailored to the needs and interests of her audience. As a certified tour guide, one of her greatest joys is unveiling the layers of Parisian history to her visitors. From the city’s ancient roots to its contemporary landmarks, Elli delights in showcasing the stories and artworks that make Paris a living museum.
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