About Filipa
Filipa is originally from Cascais, a village 20km from Lisbon. She wanted to become an archaeologist since she was seven years old. Filipa studied archaeology in the University of Lisbon, where she had the opportunity to participate in site excavations dating from the Pre-historical to the Historical times. Recently she completed her master degree, focusing on the study of the end of the Roman Empire in western Lusitania (nowadays the central and southern coast of Portugal). This allows her to complement the city tours with a glimpse of all the mysteries that are underground. From 2014 to 2020 she has worked in the research and enhancement project of the Roman ruins of Troia (Grândola), working with her team to re-write the history of the Roman biggest industrial Centre for fish-salting production. In 2019 she directed a site excavation dating from the Middle Ages, focusing on the Arabic conquest of the Iberian peninsula and also on the Christian “Re”-conquest. Since 2020 she is working in Lisbon in Safeguard Archaeology, participating in several archaeological excavations taking place in the city. She is also passionate by the city of Lisbon: its History, its light, its people with all the cultural diversity and the mix of modern and traditional.
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