About Hugo
Hugo Maia is an Architect and Social Psychologist living and working in Lisbon. He is currently a PhD candidate in Architecture and History at the University of Tokyo. He received his MA and BA in Architecture from the Faculty of Architecture in Lisbon and also holds a BA in Psychology from the Higher Institute of Applied Psychology in Lisbon. His quest on Architecture is mainly focus on the understanding of the city built environment and the possibility it offers to its inhabitants, supported therefore on a grounded historical, cultural, social and architectonic analyses of the city. His understanding and investigation of Lisbon is both related to an affective relation with the city spaces as to a built understanding of the place from an architectural and psychological perspective. Hugo focus on the search of a relation between built and un-built; old and new; space and place; construction and memory, humanity and culture. He is interest on the complexity of the elements that define the understanding of the place, allowing the definition of an image of the city that supports it's shared understanding.
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