About Jerome
New York City is Jerome's passion. As a 4th-generation Upper East Sider who grew up on Museum Mile across the street from Central Park, he has been reveling in the dynamism and ever-pioneering spirit that drives the City for a lifetime. Having extensive experience in local politics and government as a candidate, staffer and veteran of dozens of campaigns, Jerome has been onsite and at the table with other decision makers for decades. Concurrently, he has also been the founder and publisher of numerous lifestyle magazines. An excursion with Jerome is an immersive, compelling, fun experience that expertly connects New York's history to the present - the living city - in a way that only someone with his background could, one who knows the inside of buildings as well as the outside. He looks forward to every tour. Jerome went to Columbia University where he double majored in Political Science and Classics and later went to the Graduate School of Journalism at Columbia University. He still lives near Museum Mile.
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