About Zé
Meet Zé (short for José), an architect, a passionate and knowledgeable guide to Lisbon. Born and raised in Lisbon's historic center, he knows this city's tours like the back of his hand, providing an unmatched insider's perspective. Having witnessed Lisbon's remarkable transformation over the years, Zé can offer valuable insights into the city's evolution and changes up to the present day. With a passion for travel, Zé has explored numerous countries, lived in Argentina, coauthored a documentary about backpackers traveling in South America, and even spent time living and collaborating with an NGO in the Amazon rainforest, where he developed projects with local communities. He then returned to Lisbon, combining his love for the city with his architectural expertise. Now, Zé is excited to share his passion for Lisbon's wonders and guide visitors to experience the heart and soul of this enchanting city, offering you the opportunity to discover the city like a local.
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