About Lorenza
Lorenza is a native of Venice who received her Master in Art History through Cà Foscari University, Venice. For the past 25 years, she has divided her time between Venice and New York. In New York she teaches various courses on art history at the Fashion Institute of Technology, State University of New York, where she designed the course Art and Architecture of the Venetian Republic 1100-1800. For FIT she also developed and leads the Short-Term Study Abroad in Venice. She is lecturer at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and contributor to the Khan Academy with art history essays. Lorenza has authored and contributed to numerous books and publications on Venice, including "Venezia. La città, l'arte, la storia" (Arsenale 2011), "Arts and Crafts in Venice" (Koneman, Koln, 1999) and "Handbook of Painting Techniques" (NYU in Venice, 1999). In the past she taught history of art and architecture in Venice at the New York University, and in Venice worked for the Venice Bureau for the Protection of Architectural, Historical and Artistic Heritage for 13 years, cataloging, documenting, and researching the collection at the Palazzo Reale. Lorenza is an esteemed scholar with decades of international experience. She will lead you through her city with fun, passion, and knowledge.
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