About Marco
Marco was born and raised in the sunny city of Palermo. A music aficionado from an early age, Marco studied classical double bass at the Conservatory of Palermo. During his last years of study at the conservatory, he also attended the University of Palermo, where he graduated with honors in Musicology. He continued his studies abroad, earning a Bachelor's Degree in Amsterdam, and a Master's Degree in Basel, where he deepened the study of ancient and modern instruments, with a particular interest in contemporary music. In 2018, he moved back to his beloved Palermo, and he is currently engaged in cultural mediation projects that aim to offer the public a multidisciplinary experience uniting music and the extraordinary architectural and artistic beauty of his city. Since 2022, Marco has been combining his profession as a musician with that of a cultural guide. This activity gives him the opportunity to share his enthusiasm for his beloved city with visitors from all over the world.
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