About Ronen
Ronen always loved traveling and the outdoors as he was growing up in Israel. After graduating high school, he volunteered on a kibbutz in the south of the country for a year. Once drafted into the IDF (Israel Defense Forces), he served in an airborne infantry unit; Ronen is still active in the reserves. A native-born Israeli, Ronen has always been passionate about the rich, complex history the country has to offer. He focused his education on Israel studies at Haifa University. Ronen has been working as a guide since 2006, with the exception of a six-month break for a solo backpacking trip across Southeast Asia. When he returned from his adventures, he realized that traveling and guiding were his true passions and decided to turn his hobbies into a career. To further his passion, he guides in eastern Europe as well. His primary interests, shaped by the region in which he grew up, are religion, geopolitics, history, agro-tech, and business. In his free time, he enjoys playing drums, cycling, and hiking.
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