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Madrid Tapas Tour in the Huertas Neighborhood
About Tessy
Teresa Carrada loves cooking and food. Originally from Mexico, she considers gastronomy the best way to learn about a culture and their traditions. Originally trained in Hospitality Management, she has spent time as a patisserie trainee in France and worked for Nestle Mexico,where she started combining two of her passions: Gastronomy and PR. For almost eight years she worked in the culinary university Colegio Superior de Gastronomía in Mexico City as a professor and PR Coordinator of culinary events. Teresa moved to Spain 4 years ago to pursue her Postgraduate Course on Gastronomic Journalism. Since then she has collaborated on a range of different projects including a radio program and writing articles about Spanish and Mexican cuisines. She never ceases to be amazed by Spanish culinary traditions, their new food tendencies and the experiences related to it.
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