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Birthplace of modern democracy and high culture
France is known for its cultural sophistication and cultivation of the intellect. Its influence on art, music, literature, science, politics, fashion, food, and philosophy—just to name a few fields—is unparalleled.  

Traveling around France is a great way to meet the heroes of its past. Its streets, museums, churches, and other famous landmarks bear witness to the people and the movements they inspired that built the country up into a world power—from the Sun King to Napoleon to Voltaire to Pasteur, and beyond. 
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Aline was wonderful! So knowledgeable and pleasant to spend time with!
Charlotte was an excellent tour guide. In addition to speaking excellent English ( Not surprising since she is an American expatriate), her knowledge of Impressionist art together with her enthusiasm for it made for a highly interesting and educational experience. Charlotte also displayed excellent practical knowledge of how the displays were organized and how to avoid crowds. We were often the only ones standing in front of a famous painting while Charlotte explained its most important features. The tour was fully up to Context’s usual high standards.