Budapest in a Day Tour with the Castle District

Explore the contrasting neighborhoods of Buda and Pest with a leading expert
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7 hours
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  • St. Stephen's Basilica
  • Fisherman's Bastion (exterior)
  • Buda Castle
  • Dohany (Great) Synagogue
  • Matthias Church
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  • Join an engaging, local expert at the top of their field such as history or architecture as you explore the top highlights of Budapest
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Tour Description
Your full-day exploration begins in Buda’s Castle District with the stunning panorama of the Danube River as a backdrop. You will spend the first part of your morning exploring this stunning medieval area, stopping at notable sites such as Fisherman’s Bastion, the exterior of Matthias Church, and the exquisite Buda Castle complex. Here, you’ll learn about the Hungarian monarchy and the strategic and symbolic importance of this historic district. 
Continuing your adventure, you will travel across the river to downtown Pest, taking in the eclectic blend of ancient and modern that is unique to the city. Your morning will be topped off with a delicious lunch at a local restaurant or cafe, where you’ll have the chance to talk to your expert about anything — from the sites explored earlier to modern local life in Hungary.
After lunch, you’ll make your way through the Jewish Quarter, learning about the Jewish culture in the city from the Middle Ages to WWII to the present day. You will visit the important Dohany (Great) Synagogue, the largest synagogue in Europe (on Saturdays, you will view from the exterior only). You’ll continue your walk through buzzing Pest, with your expert guiding you through its stunning architecture, from Art Nouveau to Baroque to the Neoclassical St. Stephen’s Basilica. At the end of this fascinating journey, you will have a deeper appreciation and understanding of the Hungarian capital's architecture, politics, history, and culture. 

  • If you have limited time in Budapest and you want to cover a lot of sites. 
  • You have a deep thirst for knowledge and want maximum impact for your short stay in the city. 

  • Buda Castle - historic royal palace situated on the Castle Hill in Budapest, stands as a symbol of Hungary's rich heritage
  • Fisherman's Bastion - iconic terrace featuring fairy-tale-like towers and stunning panoramic views of Budapest
  • Matthias Church (interior and exterior, if available) - Gothic church in the Castle district with vibrant, colorful roof adorned with intricate patterns
  • Dohany (Great) Synagogue (interior and exterior, if available) - largest synagogue in Europe, built in a Moorish revival style. 
  • St. Stephen's Basilica - neoclassical cathedral featuring a towering dome, and housing the relic of St. Stephen's mummified right-hand

  • General Information
    • There will be a break in the tour to stop and use bathroom facilities as well as opportunities to stop and rest along the way if needed. Please communicate any mobility needs or concerns with our team at the time of booking. 
  • Tickets
    • Includes tickets to Matthias Church, St. Stephen’s Basilica and Dohany Synagogue (when available)

  • Wheelchair accessibility
    • Matthias Church is wheelchair accessible. 
    • Dohany Synagogue is accessible with a ramp. 
    • St. Stephen’s Basilica can be accessed through a special entrance, though response time to the call bell for this entrance can vary. 
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Can this tour be booked for earlier or later? 
It’s not recommended to start this tour later than 9am due to heavy congestion in central Budapest, and in regards to the opening hours of various venues along the tour route. 
Is this a good tour for children and families? 
It’s a walking intensive tour, however, we can accommodate this tour and make it kid-friendly, please kindly reach out to us if you are traveling with children. 
What costs will I need to cover on the day?
Your entrance fees, public transport, and a local snack/refreshment will be pre-paid. On the day, you will be expected to cover the cost of your lunch and any additional refreshments.
Can I book a car service?
Car service is not required, but can be arranged. Please contact us and we can provide costs and arrange this for you. 

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A wonderful learning experience plus fresh air and exercise. Thank you Enika
Very informative, interesting and Eniko was wonderful.
Another great day with Daniel. Very smart and a joy to hang with.