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Copenhagen Private Tours

Copenhagen Tours and Experiences Hosted by Local Experts

Discover the heart and soul of Copenhagen through perspective-shifting walking tours led by historians, art curators, archaeologists, and more.
Full of history, architectural splendor, and 'hygge' (that Danish 'coziness'), Copenhagen has emerged as a leading cultural capital in Europe. This city embodies Scandinavian flair with harbor-front promenades, historic and contemporary architecture, and an environmentally conscious mindset. Home to the Danish monarchy and the birthplace of both Danish modern design and New Nordic cuisine, Copenhagen is known for celebrating its past while embracing the future.

Gain Context on Copenhagen and make the most of your trip while creating unforgettable memories.

Copenhagen Private Tours

Hosted by a passionate history expert or local art historian, we'll delve deep into Danish royal history, immerse ourselves in the city's captivating architecture and culture, and explore iconic landmarks such as Christiansborg Palace, the Round Tower, and Nyhavn Harbour. From the picturesque Rosenborg Castle to the influential island of Slotsholmen, this thrilling journey will leave you with a profound understanding and appreciation for the stylish Danish capital. Join us and uncover the secrets of Copenhagen in one unforgettable private tour experience.
What Context Copenhagen Travelers Say
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My tour guide Louis was kind, very knowledgeable and very patient. She really showed so much enthusiasm !! Context travel has never let me down ! Thank you.
Terrific tour. I learned a lot
I don’t think this is a matter of providing the guide with more training. Rather the guide was significantly below the high standards set by other Context guides, who were frequently academics with PhDs in a subject related to the tour content (or at least university lecturers on those topics). You simply chose poorly-its not a matter of training. This guide would be an above average guide for an average tour company; she just does not have the background we have come to expect.