Florence Fresco Painting Workshop

Learn the Fresco technique and create your own masterpiece with a local artist
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3 hours
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Our expert guide's studio
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  • Join an engaging, local expert at the top of their field as you explore the art of fresco making
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During this three-hour, hands-on Florence fresco painting workshop, you'll learn basic fresco techniques from a local master of fresco painting. Proceeding with the same deeply rewarding, process that artists like Michelangelo and Rafael used to paint some of the finest masterworks from the era, you'll put our artistic skills to the test, learning just what it takes to create the kind of stunning frescoes one can see throughout Florence. Your experience begins with a visit to the studio of an accomplished fresco artist, your guide! They will lead a brief discussion of the history of fresco - What is it? How did it develop over the centuries? Why was it considered the most difficult medium for a Renaissance artist? This will provide you with the necessary historical context to both appreciate the task you are about to undergo, and to look at Renaissance frescos in a new light, not merely enjoying them for their aesthetic quality but for the process by which they were actualized. You will also take a look at some of the greatest examples of fresco painting, including masterworks of some of Florence's greatest artists.

You will then be taken through the steps of preparing a surface, drawing and transferring a drawing, and finally applying the paint. Along the way, your guide will give you tips and advice, and continue his discussion about fresco and its place in the pantheon of art. By the end of the workshop, you'll go home with your very own handmade fresco painting. The primary takeaway of this workshop will be to explore first-hand the art of fresco painting by using the same materials and techniques of the Renaissance masters. Fresco, meaning fresh in Italian, is the revered art of painting on fast-drying damp plaster with water-based pigments. During the Renaissance, fresco painting was considered the true test of an artist's skill, since one had to finish before the plaster dried to ensure the adhesion of the image to the wall. Along the way, you'll gain a deeper, tactile understanding of the development, creation, and legacy of Renaissance art.

Meet Your Expert
  • You're an art enthusiast seeking to learn from a local expert while gaining hands-on experience
  • You want to immerse yourself in the experience of creating your own piece of art
  • You want a unique experience to dive even further into your passion
  • Art studio - fresco workshop with an accomplished fresco artist and expert guide
General Information
  • This workshop takes place exclusively at the artist’s studio. You will make and take home your own hand-made fresco painting.
Wheelchair accessibility
  • This tour is not wheelchair accessible. The studio is located on the top floor of an old palace. There is an elevator, however, there are also five stairs to arrive to the elevator level which could be a problem for some. 
Service Dogs
  • Service dogs are allowed if you have a medical certificate proving the need. 
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How long will it take for the fresco to dry?
Each fresco is comprised of a thin layer of plaster on a rectangular terra cotta roofing tile and thus dries quickly. It will not be completely dry by the end of the workshop, but the expert will wrap it in newspaper so that you can take it with you when you leave. It will fully dry within a few hours, however, you may want to be careful when packing it in your suitcase anyway.

Do I need any prior experience to do this workshop? No, this workshop has been designed for beginners. Fresco-making isn’t necessarily easy, however, you’ll learn the basic foundations during this workshop.

Is this workshop suitable for children? Yes, it is suitable for children and they generally highly enjoy it! Children must be accompanied by a parent.

Can I do this workshop in the afternoon summer? Unfortunately, the artist’s studio gets very hot and doesn't have A/C. Therefore, we normally only recommend this experience in the morning.

Can I book this for a group of more than 6? The artist’s studio is fairly small, so for everyone’s enjoyment we normally take a maximum of 6 participants. If you are a group of 7 please contact us and we can check if the artist will exceptionally take an additional participant.
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My 10 year old daughter and I loved every minute of our class with Hector. He was so patient and kind. This was such a fun class to take!
Hector was absolutely wonderful. Gave the 3 of us guidance at our level. He also kept us entertained with nice conversation and recommendations around town. So grateful for this memorable experience that will stay with us forever. And we have our own frescoes to treasure!
What a special and unique experience! Hector is a superbly talented artist and patient teacher, and his studio is a peaceful and wonderful way to spend a unique afternoon in Firenze