London by Night Tour: Pubs, Culture, and Stories

Take an engaging stroll around London's historic streets
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2.5 hours
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  • National Theatre
  • Covent Garden
  • Seven Dials
  • Dean Street
  • Chinatown
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  • Experience the magic of London at night with an expert who knows the city inside out.
  • Perfect for those who want a unique and memorable evening activity in London.
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Tour Description
Experience the enchantment of London after dusk on our captivating evening tour, designed to reveal the heart and spirit of the city in a whole new light. Over 2.5 hours, immerse yourself in the vibrant culture and rich history of London where your expert will bring each location to life with intriguing tales and little-known facts.

Begin your journey at the renowned National Theatre, then take in the breathtaking vistas from Hungerford Bridge, before winding your way through ancient streets and vibrant neighborhoods. Feel the pulse of Covent Garden's evening energy and explore the hidden treasures of Seven Dials, where past and present merge in a tapestry of history and tradition.

Stroll down Dean Street to the bustling centre of Chinatown, where the city's varied cultures come alive. Our expert will share unique insights that bring every spot to life, making the tour ideal for both first-time visitors and seasoned London lovers. Whether you're interested in art and history or want to get acquainted with the city's distinct mood, this tour offers a unique viewpoint you won't find during the day. Learn how Londoners have spent their evenings over many centuries from high-class opera to dingy -although much less so today- pubs.

Jet-lagged? Consider joining our Sites and Insights: An Expert-Led London Welcome Tour the day after, the best way to not miss the English capital's most iconic landmarks.

Conclude the tour with a fresh pint of beer in one of London's classic pubs, soaking up the atmosphere and uncovering the fascinating history behind these beloved establishments.

It's more than just a tour, it's a journey into the city's hectic evening vibe. An unforgettable chance to witness London come alive as the sun goes down!
  • You're looking for a unique way to discover London's rich history and lively evening scene.
  • You're after a memorable evening activity that combines leisure and learning.
  • You love hearing intriguing stories and fun facts about the city
  • National Theatre
  • Hungerford Bridge
  • Charing Cross
  • Covent Garden
  • Seven Dials
  • Dean Street
  • Chinatown

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  • Is this tour good for kids?
    Yes. We have some excellent family-friendly expert guides who can appeal to children's learning styles. 

  • Is this tour suitable for clients with mobility issues?
    This tour is rather walking intensive and it really depends on clients specific mobility issues.
We understand that some of our valued guests may have mobility concerns, and we want to ensure you have a comfortable and enjoyable experience throughout your tour. If there are any accessibility concerns that your tour guide will need to be aware of, please let our team know at the time of booking.

Is this tour wheelchair-friendly?
The tour is fast-paced and It includes some narrow alleys and cobbled streets. We do not recommend clients with severe mobility issues.
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