Private and Semi-Private Guided Tours

Much more than the center of Oktoberfest, Munich is an intricate layering of Bavarian culture, a complicated World War II past, and, yes, some of the best effervescent beverages in the world.
Once a quaint Alpine city, Munich has evolved into a veritable cultural capital. Shaped by a set of incredibly diverse forces, Munich’s city center tells stories of monks and monasteries, Hitler and the Third Reich, the Bavarian Royal family, Hofbräuhaus beer, and Bavarian specialties like bratwurst and spätzle. Immerse yourself in the magic of Munich with Context's private and semi-private guided tours.

Munich Private and Guided Tours

We’ve put together a spread of Munich private and semi-private guided tours to pique the interests of our curious clientele. Feeling peckish? Then we invite you to savor Weißwurst on our Munich Food Tour. We'll sidestep stereotypes surrounding Bavarian food, trying favorite authentic treats and learning about the surprising range of influences on Munich's cuisine. Alternatively, beer enthusiasts can taste some of the Bavaria’s most prized nectar on our Munich Beer Tour, going behind the scenes to Bavarian traditional haunts to expand our knowledge of (and taste for) beer, all while learning of its importance on the cultural and political history of the region. Looking for an in-depth examination into the history of the Dachau Memorial Site? Then one of our Dachau Day Trips is well suited for delving into this sensitive subject, providing a grasp on the difficult and shockingly recent history of events that transpired here.