Hierve el Agua Oaxaca Day Trip with the Tree of Tule

Learn about the incredible petrified waterfalls that formed due to the abundance of hot springs
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10 hours
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  • Hierve el Agua
  • Tree of Tule
  • Yagul Archaeological Site
Photos & Highlights
  • Day-long excursion to explore the outstanding nature and everyday life of the Oaxaca region
  • Includes full day private transport service and lunch
Tour Description
Nestled amidst Oaxaca's mountainous landscape, Hierve el Agua is an otherworldly natural wonder. After a convenient pick-up, your tour will begin with an early morning hike to discover the serene landscape before the crowds arrive. Your expert guide will accompany you as you observe the calmness of the waters, considered sacred by the Mixtecs. Perched on a natural shelf overlooking the valley, the petrified waterfall emerges from mountain springs. You will also admire the setting, which is punctuated by agaves and cacti and is teeming with vibrant birdlife. 

Your journey will continue onward to Yagul, an archaeological site with diverse flora, where your guide will regale you with the history of the Zapotec ruins. From here, you will discover Teotitlan del Valle, a town best known for its Zapotec weavers. You will have the chance to peer into the lives of a family of weavers, learn about their craft, and share a traditional lunchtime meal in their home. 

En route back to Oaxaca, a stop at Santa Maria del Tule will introduce you to the impressive Moctezuma Cypress—a millennia-old giant revered for its monumental trunk and its self-contained ecosystem, otherwise known as the Tree of Tule. At the end of the day, you will be dropped off at your hotel having experienced some of the more beautiful natural sites and cultural experiences available in the Oaxaca region. 
  • It’s your visit to Oaxaca and you want to learn more about local culture and civilizations. 
  • You are returning to the area and want to explore off-the-beaten-path sites. 
  • Hierve el Agua - a series of stunning natural rock formations resembling cascades. 
  • Yagul Architectural Site - Archaeological ruins from the Zapotec civilization
  • Tree of Tule - Montezuma cypress boasting the stoutest tree trunk in the world. 
Tickets & Lunch
  • All site entrance fees as well as lunch are included in the tour price. 
  • Includes accommodation pick up & drop off from your accommodation in Oaxaca City
  • This tour includes a private car service that will pick you up at your accommodation. While adding the tour to your shopping cart, please tell us your hotel or apartment address in the 'Additional Details' box.
Wheelchair accessibility
  • This tour is unfortunately not suited for wheelchair users. Please contact us to see which tours in the Oaxaca region might be appropriate for you. 
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Is this day trip good for families?
Yes, this tour is a great choice for families with kids of all ages. We do caution families with babies as this can be a long and hot day during the summer months.

What time of year is best for this tour?
Please take note of the rainy season between mid-September through the end of November. However, this does not affect the tour. Some clouds are actually very much appreciated when visiting the Oaxaca region.

What should I bring?
Bring comfortable shoes, a hat and sunglasses. If you'd like to swim at Hierve el Agua you should also bring a bathing suit and towel. Keep in mind that there are no ATM machines on site so if you’d like to tip or buy any souvenirs it’s recommended to bring cash.
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