Oaxacan Crafts and Cuisine Day Trip with Mezcal Distillery

Take a journey into the region's heart and hands through mezcal and artistry
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9.5 hours
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  • Mezcal Distillery
  • Alebrijes Studio
  • Artisan Ceramic Workshops
Photos & Highlights
  • A comprehensive view into mezcal production and ceramics of the entire color spectrum
  • Led by an expert guide
Tour Description
Discover the heart and soul of Oaxaca's vibrant artistic and culinary scene on a captivating day that weaves tradition, culture, flavor, and Mezcal into an enchanting tapestry. This thoughtfully curated experience invites you to delve deep into the essence of Oaxaca's craftsmanship and artistry, providing exclusive access to its rich cultural heritage. Venture into family-owned pottery studios, connect with world-renowned Alebrijes artists, savor a hilltop lunch infused with Zapotec spirit, and uncover the secrets of artisanal Mezcal production.

Begin with an intimate exploration of Oaxacan pottery, gaining insights into the raw materials, techniques, and narratives that shape this timeless craft. Progress to the Alebrijes studio that sparked global exhibitions and inspired Disney's "Coco." Learn about the entire artistic process, from sourcing natural pigments to the intricate final strokes - all guided by your expert and local artisans.

You'll indulge in a traditional lunch spread, a symphony of local flavors including moles, memelas, and frijoles. Expertly prepared, this culinary journey unfolds in an authentically curated setting, the perfect backdrop to experience the complex flavors of Oaxaca.

The day trip culminates at a pioneering Mezcal distillery, a beacon of quality and sustainability. Crafting mezcal is an intricate art that involves a blend of ancient traditions and modern techniques. It begins with the harvest of agave hearts, known as "piñas," which are slow-roasted in underground pits, fermented, and then distilled, resulting in a distinctive and flavorful spirit that embodies the essence of the land and the hands that create it. Beyond crafting exceptional spirits, this distillery champions organic practices, embodying profound reverence for the land and botanicals amid the clamor of industrialization.
  • You're interested in learning about specialty spirits produced around the world. Mezcal has only recently gained attention, you'll learn of it's intricate history in the Oaxaca region.
  • Though they aren't able to partake in alcohol tastings, this day trip is great for kids! They will be in awe at the craftwork as well as the incredible distillery process, there are animals like lambs, cows, goats too.
  • Mezcal Distillery - where the ancient craft of Mezcal production takes place, agave hearts are transformed into a unique and flavorful spirit through traditional techniques.
  • Alebrijes Studio - witness the intricate the transformation of raw materials into fantastical creations by skilled artisans and learn the history of Alebrijes. 
  • Artisan Ceramic Workshops: ceramics are a rich tradition in Oaxaca where clays of all colors are used including terracotta reds, earthy browns, vibrant oranges, and creamy whites, creating a diverse palette that reflects the region's artistic richness.

  • Includes accommodation pick up & drop off from your accommodation in Oaxaca City
  • This tour includes a private car service that will pick you up at your accommodation. While adding the tour to your shopping cart, please tell us your hotel or apartment address in the 'Additional Details' box.
  • The tour will take time for a lunch break, a delicious traditional Oaxacan meal is included in the tour price.
Wheelchair accessibility
  • This tour and its site do have wheelchair accessibility, and the other parts of the tour can be adapted to mobility needs as well. Please let us know if this applies to you at the time of booking.
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Is this day trip good for families?
Yes, this tour is a great choice for families with kids of all ages. Though they aren't able to partake in alcohol tastings, this day trip is great for kids! They will be in awe at the incredible process and enjoy the artisan stops throughout the tour as well.

What time of year is best for this tour?
Please take note of the rainy season between mid-September through the end of November. However, this does not affect the tour. Some clouds are actually very much appreciated when visiting the Oaxaca region.

What should I bring?
Bring comfortable shoes, a hat and sunglasses. Keep in mind that there are no ATM machines on site so if you’d like to tip or buy any souvenirs it’s recommended to bring cash.
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