Prague Food Tour: Traditional Czech Cuisine

Taste the rich history of Prague’s culinary culture
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3 hours
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  • Local Czech Restaurant
  • Various local specialty shops
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  • Prague food tour led by a local gastronomic expert
  • Includes samples of traditional Czech food
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Czech cuisine is much more than meat, dumplings, and beer (although these certainly feature prominently). This 2.5-hour tour will show you the variety of snacks and dishes that made their way into the Czech culinary landscape: think poppyseed buns, pickled camembert and perfectly-cooked soups. Accompanied by a local food expert, we’ll enjoy a range of tasty treats, discussing the origins and development of the national cuisine as we eat.
  • Karlín district
  • Local shops and cafes
  • 2.5 hours with a PhD or MA-level guide
  • Tastings of local breads, meat dishes and confectioneries
  • Small beer
The food of Prague is inextricably connected to the history and geography of the Czech Republic. On our tour, we will take to Prague’s cafes, restaurants and confectioners to learn how Czech food culture has been shaped by both outside influences and national pride. From smažák (fried cheese) to koláče (sweet pastries)—not forgetting those meat and dumplings dishes—we’ll delve straight into Czech food and in doing so, become better acquainted with this land and its people.

We’ll meet our guide, an expert in Czech food and its history, in the Karlín district. In recent years, this former industrial neighborhood has been transformed into a trendy hub of dining and nightlife. Among the bars and upmarket restaurants, we’ll find a small bakery serving a wide variety of breads and spreads the Czech way, as well as sweet pastries and buns. Here we will discuss the history of baking in Prague, and how different types of bread and pastries entered into the Czech baking tradition.

On our culinary trail we will also become acquainted with the Czech penchant for dark humor through a local delicacy affectionately known as ‘drowned men’—sausages pickled in vinegar and served with bread and onion. At a restaurant specializing in the kind of dishes that are ingrained in the Czech psyche from childhood onward, we may encounter these drowned men alongside a range of meat, dumplings, sauces and various forms of potato. As we dine and wash down our meals with a Czech beer (if we so please), our guide will enlighten us as to why we are eating what we are eating—the ways in which Czech geography and social and political history combined to produce these meals.

To conclude our tour, we will indulge our sweet tooth at one of the local confectionery specialists—learning how the influence of French sweet-making interacted with traditional Czech styles. As we reach the end of our time together, we’ll come away with our appetites sated and with a new appreciation of how both Czech cuisine and the Czech Republic developed into what they are today.
Can I participate in your food tours if I have food allergies? Yes. If you have any specific allergies/intolerances, please indicate these in the Travel Notes section during booking. Your guide will do his or her best to accommodate, though please note that some shops we visit do use wheat flour and nuts in the kitchen for other items. Again, please make note of any dietary issues.

What is a private tour?
Our private tours are limited exclusively to travelers in your party. They are designed to provide a learning experience that is completely tailored to you and your traveling companions. Private tours give you more flexibility with scheduling (you decide when the walk best fits in your trip), the ability to tailor your itinerary (we'll work to match the itinerary to the interests and dynamics of your group), and more personalized time with your guide.

Is this tour wheelchair accessible?
This tour is largely wheelchair accessible, however, some of the venues may have a step up to access them. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding accessibility.

Will this tour include a sit-down meal?
Yes, this tour will include a sit down meal with the opportunity to taste a number of different dishes.
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Tereza is a great guide with a lot of good perspective on the Czech culture and food. My wife and I had a great time!
Pavel was extremely interesting. The food was very good. I We loved learning about the Czech’s history while enjoing their food.
Michal was a delight. A font of information about Czech Republic and Prague and a genuine person. The organization of the tour was spot on and the venues good examples of the local cuisine. Please say thank you to Michal from us again!