About Jirina
Jiřina became a local guide in 1999 leading tours in a small ruined castle in Bohemia, Czech Republic. In 2004, she decided to move forward and to relocate to Prague, where she became a local guide. Her scholarly interest was influenced by her passion for history. In 2007, she received her Bachelors degree, graduating from Charles University, Faculty of Humanities. Her thesis, "Vyšehrad Between Myths and Reality", focused on the history of Vyšehrad, a castle in Prague, residency of a legendary Bohemian duchess. Jiřina believes history is "not given" as it is created by those telling it. This brought her to earning a Masters Degree at Charles University in 2010 where she majored in Historical Anthropology. Her thesis described 19th century landscape changes caused by "man´s return to nature". At the present time, she has broadened her research beyond her degree to Physical Anthropology and the development and evolution of human beings.
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