Prague Castle District Tour with Strahov Monastery

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  • St. Vitus's Cathedral
  • Strahov Monastery and Library
  • Prague Castle
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The world’s largest coherent castle complex, Prague Castle has inspired awe in visitors and residents alike for hundreds of years. This three-hour Prague Castle District tour explores the history and striking architecture of the Castle itself, as well as the surrounding Castle District—including the world-famous Strahov Library. With a local historian serving as our guide, we'll delve into varied architectural styles, lush gardens, and complex history of the world-famous landmark.
  • Visits Prague Castle & Castle District
  • Prague Castle District tour by a local historian
  • Come face to face with one of the world’s most beautiful libraries at Strahov Monastery

Prague Castle Tour

Prague Castle is said to contain nearly every architectural approach of the last millennium. From the gothic St. Vitus Cathedral to the romanesque Basilica of St. George, Bohemian baroque buildings to early 20th century renovations, the complex runs the stylistic gamut, and provides the perfect backdrop for exploring the history of the city and its many layers. This in-depth Prague Castle District tour takes us on a journey to discover key sites and hidden treasures of the ancient, labyrinthine area. During summer, we will also take some time to visit one or more of the many landscaped gardens that punctuate the district.

Strahov: One of the World’s Most Beautiful Libraries

The Strahov Monastery was founded in 1143 by Bishop Bishop John of Prague and Duke Vladislav II. Thanks to numerous renovations it remains strikingly well-preserved, perched atop a hill with magnificent views of the cityscape. During our time together, we’ll visit various buildings that make up the Strahov Monastery, including the Basilica of Assumption of Our Lady. We’ll also visit the Strahov Library, considered one of the world’s most beautiful libraries. 


Does this walking tour include skip-the-line tickets to Prague Castle? 
Tickets are included and our experts will facilitate a speedy entry into the Castle. There is, however, a mandatory security check and this line cannot be skipped.

Do we see the Strahov Library?
We visit Strahov Library, but we are not able to actually go inside the special Library rooms, as this requires a special booking that is very hard to get. We go inside the Library building, and view the magnificent Library rooms from the corridor.

Is the visit to Charles Bridge or the National Gallery included during this tour?
No, in this case, we recommend you check out our other Prague tours.

Can we take this tour with our kids?
Yes, we can adjust the content of this tour to families with kids.

Can I take this tour if we have mobility issues?
This walk includes a fair bit of walking in a hilly area over uneven ground. Also includes stairs up to the Strahov Library, so it is not recommended for people in a wheelchair. Please let us know if you have mobility issues.

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Katerina was an excellent guide. Her knowledge of Prague history was not only educational but interesting. Prague is a beautiful city and her love for it showed.
This was a fascinating tour that provided an immersion in, and explanation of, so many facets of Czech/Prague history. After our hours with the super excellent Pavel, we really feel as if we are understand the flow and intersection of religious and Great Power conflict, punctuated by national and ethnic struggles. This tour deepens our understanding of other aspects of our Prague adventure by giving it, if you'll forgive, real context. Our guide, Pavel, was incredibly informative, energetic, and possessed of a plainly evident decency. He was also able to tie together the history before us with contemporary politics and currents in Czech culture. It was an amazing experience and a great pleasure.
Pavla provided a wonderful tour and we are beyond grateful for the experience she provided!