About Andrey
Andrey studied at the Ural State University named after A.M.Gorky in the Soviet Union, where he received his MA in Philosophy in 1993. The topic of his thesis was Entrepreneurship as a social phenomenon. Andrey moved to Prague in 2008, fell in love with the Czech Republic and thoroughly studied its culture and history. On his tours he tries to "read" artworks to recognize religious symbols, character clichés and genres. He studied wines in the Austrian Wine Academy, and in 2015 with the completion of wine research thesis he received the title of 'Weinakademiker', which gives him the opportunity to offer a multifaceted approach in describing various aspects of the culture of everyday life in the Czech Republic. Andrey is a licensed tour guide in Prague and the Czech Republic and he specializes in history (e.g., politics, religion, architecture, culture), World War II, cinema, literature, Czech cuisine and drinks.
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