Communist Prague Tour: Iron Curtain To Velvet Revolution

Discover the history of Prague behind the Iron Curtain with a local historian
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$ 346
3 hours
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  • Learn about local life under Communism
  • Led by a historian or scholar
  • National Memorial on Vitkov Hill, Vitkov neighborhood, and Wenceslas Square
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66 Reviews
Like that the guides adjusted talks to our knowledge level and discussed with each other our walks so as to avoid repetition.
Jakub kept us engaged and answered our questions thoughtfully and respectfully.
Learning about life in Communist dominated countries from 1948 to 1989 was a a real eye opener under the tutelage of Katerina. My education about that period was increased an untold amount. It is something very much worth doing to round out everyone's understanding of post WWII. The only thing that I would change is the slog up Vitkov Hill for anyone over the age of 65 (I'm 73). Walking this very steep hill and back down is about a 5 mile round trip experience. Much time and effort could be saved by hiring a taxi to go to the top and calling an Uber to take you down. I wouldn't do this again without it. Katerina's explanation of the museum exhibits made astatic things come alive. That was exciting. We also had the opportunity to take a ride on the wonderful subway system in Prague after the. The paces we saw and visited after the museum were quite interesting to help round out the picture of life in Communist Prague.