Prague Cafe Culture Tour

Savour the rich cultural history—and delicious desserts—of Prague's Fin-de-siècle cafes
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3 hours
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Various Art Nouveau cafes
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  • Prague Cafe Tour led by a local historian
  • Soak up the atmosphere of Prague’s most beautiful Art Nouveau cafes
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Tour Description
If you're looking for revolutionaries, look in cafes. This Prague Cafe tour examines the key role that the city's spectacularly preserved coffee houses have played in the lives and works of the influential artists, poets, writers, and intellectuals who frequented them. Before a backdrop of opulent, decorative interiors from 19th and 20th centuries, we’ll soak up the authentic atmosphere of Prague’s cafe culture, taste local coffee and culinary specialities, and learn about the historical and cultural context of these venues.

Fin-de-siècle Prosperity in Prague Cafes

Turn-of-the-century Prague bore witness to an extraordinary cultural and intellectual blossoming. As a result of momentous events within the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the population of Prague increased rapidly as people moved in from across the empire. The Bohemian capital became a melting pot, home to Germans, Jews and Czechs, and Prague's new decadent cafes emerged as public meeting points for the city's intelligentsia. For example, German-Jewish author Franz Kafka (explored in greater depth on our Jewish Prague Tour), philosopher and statesman Václav Havel, and later, world-famous writer Milan Kundera all frequented these second homes for Prague's elite.

Prague Cafe Tour

Together, we’ll hop from one stunning cafe to the next, taking in the soaring period architecture—also examined on our Prague Architecture Tour)—and indulging in typical sweet treats and perfectly concocted coffees. Along the way, we’ll discuss the social history of Prague over the past 150 years and unpack the cultural meaning behind our decadent surroundings.

Take Aways

At the end of our time together, we’ll have a deeper understanding of key events in Prague's history over the past century, and how they have contributed to the city’s narrative until the present day. You’ll also feel more comfortable ordering a range of delicious dishes on offer in cafes across the city.

For more on Cafe Culture in Prague, read our guide to the best cafes in Prague.

Please note: some of the cafes we visit allow smoking inside. We endeavor to sit in the non-smoking section but be aware that the tour can include time in smoking environments.
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Excellent. Hana is an intelligent and knowledgeable guide, she adapted and addressed questions regarding history and social structure which were outside the main content of the tour. A most rewarding experience being with her for three hours.
We thoroughly enjoyed our Cafe Culture tour in Prague. Beautiful cafes, wonderful food and drinks and tons of interesting information from our guide, Lenka. Highly recommended
We found the topic interesting and different. Katarina was also able to weave in other parts of Czech history that we happening at various times during and before the cafe culture period. She was also very personable. Sorry but we couldn’t come up with any improvements…unless you can control the weather. It was a very hot day…