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Riviera Maya Private Tours and Riviera Maya  Small Group Tours

Riviera Maya Private and Small Group Guided Tours

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Known for its sun, sand, and spectacular archaeological sites, Mexico’s Riviera Maya is a true paradise.
The Riviera Maya—a stretch of coastline along the Caribbean in the Yucatán Peninsula—has long been famous for its beaches, nightlife, and delicious local fare, particularly at resort towns like Cancún, Tulum, and Playa del Carmen. But the area also offers a stunning peek into the ancient world of the Maya, the Mesoamerican civilization that has populated the region for over three thousand years and whose descendants still thrive there today. The still-intact ruins of temples and buildings at Chichén Itzá, Tulum, or Coba bear witness to the Maya’s many sophisticated achievements, including engineering, astronomy, and mathematics, not to mention a cryptic writing system that was only deciphered in the 20th century. These sites are also celebrated for their cenotes, or underground waterholes, the fascinating geological formations that the Maya found sacred. Uncover the magic of the Riviera Maya with Context’s private guided tours.

Riviera Maya Private Tours and Riviera Maya Small Group Tours

Want to learn more about the unique history of the Riviera Maya? Try a custom Context tour to explore the region. For example, you may want to take a day trip to the archaeology site at Chichén Itzá, or head to the ruins at Tulum or Coba, or tour a museum of Mayan culture with one of our experts. Tours can be customized in any way that you choose, and can be geared toward adults or families with children and teens. 
What Context Riviera Maya Travelers Say
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Luis is a very excellent guide and extremely personable. His breadth of knowledge about Mexican history from Mayan times through the 20th century knocked us out - a fellow traveler was keen on the pop quiz questions. He's also great with flora, fauna and food.
We were picked up 45 minutes late because the driver was told the wrong time by Context. The guide knew the right time but the driver didn’t. When I called Context emergency line, I was accused of not knowing what time it was. It is very unpleasant to wake up at 4:45am with 4 kids for a 5:30 pickup and then sit in the lobby for almost an hour because we did not get picked up. We’ve used context before and had an excellent experience but I’d hesitate to use you again given that mixup. Luis, our guide, was absolutely wonderful. Knowledgeable and friendly and accommodating— I’ve taken many tours and he was among the best tour guides I’ve had. He did mention that he reached out to Context to have you ask us about allergies and restaurant preferences, but none of that was passed along to us, which is frustrating. Overall this was not the seamless and wonderful experience I expected from Context at all, however, once we finally got sorted out and going, it was great. Luis is an incredible guide and he gets 11 stars out of 10.
Jazmin was a great guide. Her English is excellent and she had so many insights to offer about pre-Colombian Mayan Civilization.