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San Francisco
About Aaron
Aaron did his graduate work in history, with an emphasis on American Urban History, which he brought to ground-level work in Urban and Regional Planning in directing community revitalization projects like farmers’ markets and public concert serieses. Having been the lead cook in family of good cooks, with a backyard garden and great ethnic markets in the neighborhood, Aaron later combined what he learned growing up with what he learned working with farmers, artisanal producers, restaurateurs and dieticians to create innovative seasonal menus, which he prepares now for his Personal Chef and corporate catering clients. Aaron combines a deep, primal and tactile understanding of the properties of food and how to use it well, with an advanced understanding of how food is grown, sold, prepared and served locally in an immersive seminar on the theme of the “revolution” that is California Cuisine. He can organise hands-on, farm-to-table-to-mouth experience in the heart of San Francisco’s fabulous food scene, directed by one its more creative, thoughtful and accomplished native Chefs.
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