About Aaron
After completing studies in archaeology at Bournemouth University, England, in 2004, Aaron has worked as an archaeologist in the Isle of Man, the Channel Islands, London, and all over southern England. Holding the position of Senior Archaeologist at the Museum of London Archaeology Service from 2006–2012, he supervised numerous site excavations dating from the Neolithic period (5000BC) through to the Second World War. Since arriving in Germany, he has continued his archaeological career through excavations in Bavaria, Brandenburg, and Berlin, Mitte. Aaron was more recently involved in an excavation in Klosterstrasse which was determined to be the oldest medieval remains in the city, and he holds the distinction of finding the “oldest medieval pig in Berlin" at this site. It could be said that he operates at the ‘coal face,' helping to rewrite and refine the known histories of places through his archaeological work. Aaron also has had a lifelong passion for military history, particularly that of the Second World War, and finds Berlin an ideal landscape for digging into that history.
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