Berlin Wall Tour: Walking The Wall

Explore Berlin's divided past, tracing the footprint of the Berlin Wall with a local history expert
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$ 424
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$ 95 /PP
3 hours
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  • Trace the path of the Berlin Wall
  • Led by a local expert in 20th-century history
  • Berlin Wall Memorial
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92 Reviews
Finn was so fantastic! He has immersed himself in the history of Berlin and Germany that is incredible. He is also very well spoken and personable. Two thumbs up for Context guides.
I think it's all about the guide. Aaron did an extraordinary job in our tour. In 25 years of hiring private and semi-private tours I may have come across 2 or 3 other guides who are not only as knowledgeable in his topic as Aaron, but also care about the expectations of the customers. He also engaged us in a back and forth about the topics he was presenting to us. It felt more like and old friend giving us a tour of his home town than a hired tour. I will most certainly keep you top-of-mind for all future tours. The bar is high.
We loved the stories behind the facts. We were happy to spend extra time on the tour. None of it was boring.