About Abdelraeem
Abdelraheem is a Franco-Jordanian guide. He started his adventure in the world of tourism in 1996 after obtaining his bachelor's degree in Tourism and Guiding from the University of Jordan. In addition, his academic background as a translator led him to work with historians on the biblical and crusader periods thus becoming an expert in religious tourism and collaborating with a Jordanian historian to write a book about the crusades, "La Chronique de Matthieu d'Edesse" (Jordanian Ministry of Culture 2009).In 2014 he arrived to Paris willing to continue his passion for guiding and history by studying Art History at the École du Louvre. This allowed him to validate his professional experience as a tour guide in Paris through the National Conservatory of Arts & Crafts (CNAM) in 2016. His double culture, his curiosity and his outsider vision give him the opportunity to observe and explore Paris from a different perspective.
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