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Rome Italian Wine Tasting Tour
About Alessandro
Alessandro is an Art Director, Graphic Designer and Photographer. Since 2002 he started to study wines and from 2005 to 2007 he took a professional course and graduated in “Wine Testing” at Gambero Rosso in Rome (the most important and historical Wine Guide in Italy). After his graduation, he did take part at seminaries on specific wine regions still at Gambero Rosso, AIS, Porthos, etc. He is very passionate and definitely a researcher about wine culture and most of all, about Italian wine culture. He has recently decided to study French, Austria and Germany wines too. He enjoys very much visiting selected wine farms (local and small), managing to put his two passions together, wine and photography, taking pictures of the wine farmers work and often ending up to have a real photo reportage of their activities. Currently he is consulting for wine selections and food selection for restaurants and private clients. He’s definitely very much passionate of food and he has a very good knowledge of the different local products especially the Slow Food ones.
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