About Andreas
Andreas Valentin has a Ph.D. in Social History, an M.A. in Arts and a B.A. in Art History. He is a professor of Photography and Arts. His career began with the production of experimental films in the 1970’s, and he continued with work on the Amazon with several documentaries and three books on the Amazon Parintins Boi-bumbá Festival. He has also worked as production and direction assistant in Werner Herzog’s film “Fitzcarraldo”. Photographer, researcher and writer, he has had art in various one-man and group exhibits throughout Brazil and works as a curator. In 2004 he won the Brazilian Anthropology Association’s Pierre Verger photography prize and in 2015 the Marc Ferrez photography prize from the Brazilian National Art Foundation, for the project “Berlin<>Rio : Routes and Memories”. He grew up and resides in his hometown of Rio. As a photographer and an academic, he has learned to look passionately at the city and understand it historically and aesthetically.
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