About Andrew
Andrew Revolta returned to Beijing after studying Chinese and Economics at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in London. Whilst in Beijing, he will continue his research on contemporary Chinese film, building on the work which he undertook last summer at leading contemporary gallery Ullens Center (UCCA). The placement at UCCA last summer allowed him to further his knowledge of contemporary Chinese film, add to his understanding of the international art world, and to continue to improve his Chinese skills. Aside from Chinese contemporary film and art, Andrew also possesses an in-depth of knowledge of contemporary Chinese issues, both from the courses he took at SOAS and through his year of study at Beijing Normal University. Living in the hutong district of Beijing gave him an insight into daily life of the Beijinger and left him with an even greater interest in Chinese culture. Andrew has previously worked as a docent at UCCA, providing English-speaking visitors with an insight into the exhibitions that were on display. These enriching experiences add yet another layer to his understanding of China and how the world perceives it. Andrew’s current studies at the Beijing Film Academy are in preparation for further research in the world of Chinese film.
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