About Carol
Carol received her B.A. from Mount Holyoke College and holds M.A. degrees in Italian literature from the University of Toronto, where she has taught, and in art history from Boston University. Carol has been teaching for five years as adjunct faculty for several Rome study abroad programs and has been a guest lecturer in art history and restoration for numerous visiting American university summer programs. She has been a Visiting Fellow twice at the Massachusetts Center for Renaissance Studies in Amherst, Mass, where she has given numerous lectures and participated in conferences. Through her affiliation with various art institutes, Carol has participated in a variety of laboratory and fieldwork restoration projects throughout Tuscany and Lazio over the past eight years. She has treated numerous paintings, frescos, and gilded objects, and has worked on-site at locations such as Villa il Farneto in Vicchio, and Santa Maria Castagnolo. She is currently completing her Italian laurea in restoration. Carol also completed the graduate certificate program in Museum Studies from Tufts University with a specialization in conservation. With over five years of professional curatorial experience in the U.S. encompassing the care and treatment of art objects, she has authored numerous conservation grants and was a successful applicant to the Smithsonian Institution’s Collections Care program.
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